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Referee Paging System® RPS2156-5

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The Ervocom Referee Paging System 2156 is a referee paging system developed with international referees, which transmits data from the assistant to the referee via radio link. This allows the referee to fully focus on the game and significantly reduces the number of wrong decisions. The RPS2156, as successor of the RPS2056, is even more reliable thanks to a new acknowledgement feature and sets new standards in the field of communication between referee and assistants.
Since each flag now has a unique identity, different flags and pagers can be connected to each other. The different colour codes have been abolished with the new system. With the help of the programming mode, new flags can be taught to a pager. The maximum number of flags is 10.

Scope of delivery: One pager and five flags (2 of them with short flagpole) including bag and screwdriver

- Highest quality standard
- Acknowledgement for message transmission
- Ergonomic shape of the pager for ideal wearing comfort
- Exchangeable bracelet
- Battery check during power on of the pager
- No mutual interference with the systems. Parallel use of several systems possible
- Automatic switch-off function when the pager is not in use
- Volume adjustable in 3 levels
- 3 tone pitches adjustable, can be configured individually for each flag
- Flags and pagers can be combined with each other as desired
- Increased battery life
- Freely expandable system