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Vokkero Squadra Voice Communication Set, 2-user (Unihockey)

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Floorball-VOKKERO SQUADRA Voice Communication set, 2-user

The VOKKERO SQUADRA referee voice communication system is already in use by champions- and european league referees!
Designed especially for football/soccer, handball, unihockey, rugby and ice hockey referees. Set includes:

- 2 VOKKERO SQUADRA voice transceivers
- 2 Phonak headsets with generic earpieces and microphone
- 1 Programmer
- 1 Battery charger for simultanious chargeing of up to 4 transceivers
- 1 International power supply (110V - 240V)
- 1 Power cord (C13 plug)
- 1 Small soft bag
- 1 User guide

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