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reftools fulfils its social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a standard for us. At reftools, we value the long-term consequences of our actions. This includes the careful selection of our products in terms of quality, production standards and sustainability, as well as our interaction with customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.

reftools wants to arouse the enthusiasm of as many people as possible, encourage movement and act as a strong team. Honesty, transparency and sustainability are values that we pursue and share every day in our working environment.

As a company, we want to set a good example and assume responsibility: In the selection of our suppliers, for our customers and our employees. We strive for development in the harmony of ecology, economy and social commitment.


Reuse of cartons and filling material

Wherever possible, we use cartons and filling materials received from our suppliers or from our neighbourhood to ship orders to our customers. If there is an "ENJOY YOUR PLANET" sticker on the packaging of your order, it is a reused box.

reftools enjoy your planet

Vokkero communication systems for handball referees in Cameroon
By offering used VOKKERO by VOGO communication kits for the training of young cameroonian referees to the ADAC, we take part in the worldwide development of sports refereeing! The ADAC, or Agency for the Development of Central Africa and french-speaking Africa, provides training for young players and young referees and participates as well in other civic activities.

Feedback from a Cameroonian referee: “The headset is a real advantage in arbitration, it’s very crucial since it enables us to communicate smoother, we don’t have to make hand gestures anymore, it’s very effortless to arbitrate like this. We encourage the initiative and hope that it will continue in this direction for all handball federations”.

reftools Vokkero Cameroon
reftools Vokkero Cameroon

Sorted out referee jerseys received new owners in Gambia
Textiles from collections, which we take out of our assortment, are donated by reftools to charitable projects. For example, Willy Scramoncini, head of the match department of the football association of the Zurich region, was able to distribute some of our referee jerseys to the population of a village in Gambia in Summer 2018. The jerseys we sorted out are worn with joy and pride by their new owners.

reftools referee Gambia

reftools referee gambia

reftools donates referee jerseys to residents of the Democratic Republic of Congo
In February 2020, two friends of reftools visited Bukavu, a city in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the southwestern shore of Lake Kivu, right on the border with Rwanda. Poverty is omnipresent in Bukavu. Our referee jerseys were worn by the recipients during the visit of our friends and certainly still today every single day.

reftools Kongo

reftools Kongo Bukavu